The Waterloo company has done it again, naming its phone very inappropriately, for ex : playbook which is used for work. The irony.

Anyway, Research in motion have introduced a new form factor to its Blackberry range of smartphones. It is a clamshell named Blackberry Style.


The Blackberry Style


UGh.. that s a big fugly clamshell,isn’t it ?

Well, specswise its decent, has a 5mp camera,runs the new OS6,and other normal things like Gps,wifi..etc.But its just not my type of phone,you know ?

So, what do you think of its looks ? like it ?

Put down your responses in the comment section below …

via engadget

Comments on: "The New Blackberry Style [??!!]" (2)

  1. Kaushik said:

    I like the looks.. But whats the price range ? If its expensive then totally not worth it …

    • Never mind the price da, its not gonna be available in india , anyway its available for 99$ on contract in the U.S. pretty cheap eh ?

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