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The Nokia N8 camera school


N8 with Carl zeiss lens



The good chaps at the Nokia Conversations have started a very long and detailed learning session of the N8’s camera that is provided by the Camera Guru Haje Jan Kamps of the very famous blog.

He is going to give tips and tutorials on how to handle the camera accordingly.

Good marketing initiative imho. I will be updating the links on this page now and then, stay tuned for the complete School lessons.

via Nokia Conversations


Angry Birds declared a Hit on Android


1 million downloads and counting



Soon after it got released on getjar on the 15th , it got lapped up by all the android users from getjar and till now it has already done more than 1 million downloads. Thats a great achievement, and not so surprising for the world’s most popular mobile game. Rovi mobile , the developers behind this game will be certainly happy.

Btw, its also available in lite version for Symbian^3 [N8] and I have been playing it for some time, and one thing i should mention, its damn addictive!! eventhough the lite version features only six levels, i feel the need of breaking my ow high score , so i play it again and again, its been a fun pass time.. And the demolition physics along with cute graphics is a delight, not to forget the funny sounds, the birds make..

Hope they release the same free version for Symbian too 🙂

The New Blackberry Style [??!!]

The Waterloo company has done it again, naming its phone very inappropriately, for ex : playbook which is used for work. The irony.

Anyway, Research in motion have introduced a new form factor to its Blackberry range of smartphones. It is a clamshell named Blackberry Style.


The Blackberry Style


UGh.. that s a big fugly clamshell,isn’t it ?

Well, specswise its decent, has a 5mp camera,runs the new OS6,and other normal things like Gps,wifi..etc.But its just not my type of phone,you know ?

So, what do you think of its looks ? like it ?

Put down your responses in the comment section below …

via engadget