Launch Event

via Intomobile

Steve Ballmer , current CEO of microsoft has announced/launched Nine new windows Phone 7 handsets for 30 carriers Worldwide.

They are :

HTC HD 7 : 4.3 inch, 1 Ghz,16 GB,5 Mp 720p

HTC Surround 3.8-inch 1GHz 8GB 5Mp 720p with dolby Surround

HTC Mozart 3.7"SLCD 1Ghz 8Mp with xenon,720p Dolby Surround

3.8" 1Ghz 5Mp 720p with Led flash,Dolby surround

Samsung Focus - 4" s-amoled 5Mp 720p

Samsung Omnia 7 - 4"s-amoled 1ghz 5mp 720p 8GB

  • Lg optimus 7 and 7q – 3.8″ 1ghz 5mp 720p, 16 GB
  • Lg quantum – same as optimus 7q w/qwerty
  • Dell venue pro - 4.1" Amoled 1ghz 5mp 720p with qwerty

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