We have already seen how the Nokia N8’s USB host mode is very useful.

For example we can connect a Flash drive and it gets immediately detected and we can browse/copy/delete the files on it.

And also we have seen videos that boasted Bluetooth connectivity showing that we can connect both a bluetooth keyboard and a mouse simultaneously and then use the N8 literally as a desktop when connected to a HDTV.While i had always wondered if the Keyboard or mouse can be connected via USB host mode, but its been ignored till now.

A video has popped up in youtube showing exactly this, we can connect either a USB keyboard or a USB mouse to the N8’s OTG cable and then happily use it.So, why i prefer wired KB or mouse to BT KB/mouse ? Simple ,the cost of a BT KB or Mouse is too higher than a simple USB KB or Mouse, but the disadvantage is that we can use only one device at a time.

Anyway look at this awesomeness : [in case you are doubtful,it is not fake since the BT icon in the N8 doesnt show up]

And this one is a demo of angry birds with a BT KB/Mouse from’s Noah :

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