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Its been a long time since we started hearing about this rumor.Yes, it has sprouted again but its kind of official since the Wall street Journal is reporting on it.

WSJ reports that the Verizon iphone will be ready to be deployed in the end of this year which probably is coinciding with year end deployment efforts of the LTE infrastructure from Verizon which has promised 4G connectivity in 32 States.So, it may be really a dream come true for all you iphone lovers out there, getting 8-12 Mbps connectivity speed on your slick device.But it is to be seen that people from Apple have declined to comment.

And also the Verizon iphone will be similar to iphone 4, will it have the same antenna issues, then ?

WSJ has also reported that Apple is working on a new iphone that will be form-factor wise very different from its predecessors.That too it will probably be revealed in June 2011 as usual.

via WSJ


Comments on: "Verizon 4G iphone coming end-2010" (1)

  1. I am really looking forward to this technology, hopefully in the new year I can have this technology

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