Great news for all the smartphone fans out there!

Hewlett-Packard , after recently acquiring (the most watched and followed) Palm due to its dwindling funds. HP actually made heads turn when it signed the dotted line for this major acquisition and thus breathed new life into a sinking ship.Well what it did exactly was spend more on WebOS development and started rejuvenating the version 2.0 of the famed OS.

WebOS 2.0

I have never used it but will HP bring WebOS devices to India ?

So, now they have confirmed that they are releasing WebOS 2.0 phones starting 2011.Palm has a legacy of releasing it during CES in Las vegas, so will it repeat ?

And mind you, the smartphone market is getting hotter day by day and it will be the hottest in 2011, just look at these pending devices yet to be launched :

1.Nokia N9 / Meego devices slated for a 2011 release

2.Windows Phone 7 devices

3.Android Gingerbread/Honeycomb Devices

4.Symbian^4 devices

5. Apple iOS 5

6.Last but not least, our goody good WebOS devices 🙂

The smartphones market is sure going to be the most competitive of all markets in 2011,watch out 🙂

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