First ever N8 Camera Mod

He has done it again !! He is the one and only HyperX who has been at the forefront of the custom ROM community of the Samsung Omnia HD, which apparently got more support from him than Samsung itself.

Anyway he has done one of the firsts again,he has modded the N8′ s camera, which we already have seen, rocks.And i quite like the dig at engadget he made above in that pic 🙂

What he has done is :

1. Completely modded the compression algorithm to provide 100 % quality pics, that is he has done away with some post processing and compression stuff in the camera algorithm and has managed to take pics averaging 11 MB per pic. So it actually provides more detail and of course less noise. He provides the RAW unedited pic here. It is to be noted that he himself has confirmed that there is no lag when browsing these monster sized pics in the N8 gallery application.

2.Second, he has tweaked the video capture to encode videos at 30 fps! Great achievement since many users thought 25 fps would be little bit less. And from video metadata, one user has confirmed that the video encodes at a bitrate of more than 12 Mbps, thats actually dvd quality(i mean the bitrate) which is too good for a mobile phone, happy to see that the Broadcom GPU in the N8 is doing impressive work.The video(unedited) here.

3.Now, there’s continuous autofocus in the video mode too , thanks to hyperX dishing out these mods so fast. See here : Continuous autofocus

Videos :

Via thehandheldblog , HyperX


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