Nokia product manager with N8

A lot has been said about this already, and a lot N8 vs. *** posts have been done and i myself had posted this N8 vs a point and shoot here. But the whole point of every post that people make is to show how capable the camera is.As we know already, Engadget had posted a very controversial post comparing the N8 to the iphone’s camera, which i found was rigged , thanks to the analysis from Chris from Symbian-Freak. I dont want to say the iphone takes bad photos because i really like those photos, that too for a mobile phone. But i just want to say that the N8 is in a different league, a class apart from other mobile phone cameras around.

Let me explain why,

  1. The sensor, it is the biggest sensor ever put in a mobile phone camera (1/1.83″) actually is bigger than most point and shoots. what it means is that the N8 is capable of capturing more light per pixel.Don’t get it? Since the size is big, the pixel opening gets bigger and thus more light per pixel is possible and thus results in natural photos with less noise.
  2. The lens, according to carl zeiss has 3 times the resolution(accuracy) of a blown up DSLR lens. More details here.
  3. The Xenon flash, literally lights up a dark room, having seen this is N82 and a lot of sony cybershot phones, it is really an impressive feature.However in the demo unit that i used, there seemed to be a problem that made the photos foggy. But i think its probably due to some protective cover on the flash, which i should inquire again.
  4. We know already Nokia had been criticized for camera algorithms,so it seems the Camera post processing algorithm has been tweaked to do lesser, since there is no need for post processing for noise reduction in the N8.

Now since i know that the camera can never fault its credentials, i was looking at both the engadget snaps as well as our famous eldar’s snaps while he compared N8 with a samsung wave and a samsung pixon 12 and suddenly remembered that i had seem a similar pixon vs N8 comparison on Gsmarena, so i went there right away and checked out the photos and their review, their’s was very unbiased and honestly unscientific, though. So quickly i made these actual size comparisons :

Look at the detail on the N8 pic

From the above three pics itself we can clearly see why the N8 is better than pixon at producing better details, but still eldar thrashed the N8, so typical of him to hate Nokia since the N8 proto problem.

Anyway, i was convinced enough with these pics, but my friends @v4iabhav from thehandheldblog and @michaexhell from @fonearena had posted some spectacular stuff :

If you want to know the true potential of the N8, then look at these :

From FoneArena :

89 pics of awesomness by Michael hell

From thehandheldblog :

75 Samples

Comparison with a DSLR ( canon 550D) , best post ever ( LEGENDARY)

Both by Vaibhav and Ian wallace.

After seeing these posts am really convinced that N8 is the best cameraphone out there,period.

For more coverage, stay tuned 🙂

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