Today is/was a great day.

Actually my bro wanted to compare e71 vs e5.So i said ok, lets go to the Nokia store in alwarpet,chennai.

So there i was, scouting for a Nokia E5 for my bro and non-chalantly one Nokia guy showed off his N8, first glimpse made me think it was a dummy, but suddenly the screen dimmed. It was the time of reckoning for me, adrenaline rushed, butterflies flew, totally excited.Instantly, i went to him and grabbed the N8 from his hand and boy oh boy, did it feel good ? So, here it goes, these are my first impressions of handling the Nokia N8.

First thing that struck me was the comfortable placement in my hands, it was so elegant to hold and did not feel heavy at all. I felt like holding a really well built device, then next comes the screen, it was very sharp and the contrast levels blew my mind, especially while seeing the photos. My bro, too was very eager to see the device and see how it functions, i taught him some gyaan about the N8 and then made him the videographer for shooting the above video with my temporary 5800 xpressmusic. Since i had not been prepared for this hands on, the video is blurry(thanks to no auto focus in 5800), so kindly bear with me just only on this video πŸ˜‰

Now, back to my impressions, i tested all the hardware buttons and everything screamed quality. I mean, the camera button is the best one i have ever experienced.Then came the OS, the new symbian^3, oh, how many demos i had seen in the past months of the OS, it was just the same and it was very fluid. Its definitely not s^1 , mind that. The homescreen produced slight hiccups for the first time and then became very smooth, probably it loaded the widgets for the first time.Then, the kinetic scrolling of the menus, totally fluid and i bet it is comparable or even better than the competitors. I really loved the new notifications and also the new Power saving option of the battery icon. You can see the demo of the power saver option in the end of my video.The photos app loaded the photos well but took time to pinch-zoom for the first trial and then it became smooth. You can very well see in the videos how the video playback works, simply great.

Then for sometime i played with the normal features like typing sms and all, one thing that stood out was the capacitive response, but sometimes the OS mistook my touch on the homscreen swipe gesture and translated it by opening a widget. I Think the s^3 has to get smarter, or we can simply remove those annoying widgets. Touch response was on par with other cap. screens that i have used(for ex ” ipod touch”).An then the music player looked good. Nothing more to say, i had only some twenty minutes of time to play with it and the final verdict(yes, i am giving a verdict today and its also split into 3 πŸ˜› ) :

1. Best on-hands experience ever, i mean the quality of the phone is just too much to resist.

2.Awesome multimedia features and a familiar OS.

3.Its a Nokia πŸ˜›

These three points have convinced me to go for the N8.

So, are you buying one ? Rush to the nearest NPD to get your own hands-on experience and am telling ya, you will be wowed πŸ™‚

Some advice to all Nokia Stores/NPDs :

Please put the N8 in performance mode , not power saving mode when showing it to the customers. And also in other handsets like the E5, please do turn the Theme effects on, they make the device look good and it is all that matters for the end user.

So thats it people, this is gadgetbuff signing off πŸ™‚


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