The Canadian Business smartphone behemoth, Research in Motion, the maker of the Blackberry devices ha s announced a direct competition to the apple ipad, as you know has created and widely opened a new premium market for internet tablets. Now, the Blackberry makers have successfully carved up a tablet for this niche market. Its called the Playbook.

Weird , right , a company which produces smartphones for business is calling its “Professional” Tablet a Playbook. Gosh, atleast its better than the name “iPad” which got caught in the web of the sanitary pad jokes.

Anyway that aside, lets check out the specs of the new PlayBook :

Hardware :

  • Display is 7 inch and res. is 1024×600 so, it will be much better for portability and visibility.
  • Tablet benefits from a Cortex A9 1 Ghz processor with 1 GB of RAM.
  • 5Mp camera on the back and 3Mp camera on the front (yes, video conferencing is a go)
  • Supports full HD 1080p playback and very high quality games, thanks to the Cortex A9 coupled with a very powerful GPU(Power VR SGX 545 ?)
  • Options of 16 GB / 32 GB mass storage

Now lets come to the Software :

The tablet runs the QNX OS (POSIX compliant,Full open GL ES 2.0 support ,Flash 10.1,HTML5.. etc)

QNX is actually a company, recently acquired by RIM and only because of its OS, the QNX OS. It is fully compliant with all the latest standards and it is not at all related to the Blackberry OS 6 which was actually rumored for the Playbook.THe Major thing that i found out about this OS is the Qt support(Nokia’s cross platform IDE).This actually means that it can run Apps coded in Qt.

So, why am i excited about it? Well simply for the fact that, may be if Qt apps can be coded for the playbook, then more developers would get interested in the Qt platform and start coding for it and eventually it will be easily re-compiled for a plethora of Nokia/Intel devices when this tablet actually launches in 2011.So, still not convinced?

See this , this link is directly from Qt website and it provides details about the QNX build of Qt.

So, developers , what are you waiting for?

Get started and code in QT , the best cross platform application development tool, period.


Comments on: "RIM announces the Playbook Tablet[Comes with Qt]" (6)

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  5. Hey, I know you’re excited, but if you are talking about the nokia C++ framework, it’s Qt, not QT (which is short for Apple’s QuickTime) nor qt

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