The uncertainty of the N8 being delayed looms large in my head, and a serious threat to its purchase comes in the name of the rumored Nokia N9. Yes, it has serious potential to stop getting the N8 into my hands if it is announced before i get the N8. The N9, according to Nokia’s leaked roadmap is placed at the top end of the pyramid of Nokia devices and they fall under the category of Mobile Computers rather than Smartphones.Eventhough, being repeatedly leaked, its specs are still a mystery. Here is the leaked image :

Nokia N9

Everyone agreed its not a fake bcos it takes design cues from its brother , the N8.

Read on for my thoughts

Let us see in terms of hardware and software.First the Hardware.



  • From the image, it looks like a mini macbook pro, yes many people think its looking like one. As you can see, it probably will boast high grade brushed, anodised aluminium like the N8 and of course, Gorilla glass for the screen.
  • The Tilt slide like the E7,N97 family.
  • I can see a bigger display than the E7 so , may be 4.3 inch like the EVO ? And display technology must be capacitive multi-touch CBD Amoled from what i can think of now.
  • Neatly spaced 4 row chiclet qwerty keyboard which is very similar to the macbook pro.
  • Very slim and supposedly it should be as slim as HTC HD2 that is 11 mm. Highly improbable , but i expect too much huh? ;P

The Innards :

  • Since Nokia had a deal going with Qualcomm, we can surely expect a faster 1.4 Ghz dual core snapdragon or a very high end Cortex A9 Multicore processor(from TI,maybe?) on this device, it is highly a possibility because Nokia are making this the most technologically advanced flagship ever.
  • And we can expect a expect minimum of 512 MB of RAM along with SWAP memory of 1 GB thanks to Meego(Linux)
  • Might have the very powerful ARM mali GPU that ships with cortex A9 or maybe the newer Power VR graphics solution.
  • Will probably have 32 or 64 GB of mass memory on-board.might not support micro SD card slot like the E7.
  • I guess an 8 megapixel camera with autofocus and Xenon flash will do for an all-in-one mobile computer.And a 1.3 megapixel front facing cam for high quality video calls and probably easier hands-off gesture recognition(wild-guess there 😛 )
  • All the sensors, plus a Gyro sensor is a must .

Software :

Now, this is going to be the strongest point of this device. Combined with the above dream specs, i expect this department will make you go WOW the instant you see the phone. Telling that Meego is awesome is just an understatement.Let me give you some gyaan about Meego, you must remember the overtly popular maemo Linux OS from Nokia that runs on the many internet tablets from Nokia and recently the N900 that runs Maemo 5.While all the people who have bought the N900 loved the OS and its capabilites, it was not widely marketed. But it was not the end of it, it was the starting of a new sprout called Meego that was jointly created with Intel by combining the great maemo written for ARM devices and moblin for X86 devices. Both the companies just pulled a coup there .The merger allowed both the companies a chance to gain momentum in the high profile smartphone business.

Now coming to what we can expect from Meego, well lets expect, for first a great UI. We all know iphone and many other android phones have a great UI which is probably their USP, its the end user experience that matters the most. Well, Meego’s gonna rock at this , why? because Nokia recently hired, peter skillman, the person responsible for the UI on the palm pre (best UI ever, according to analysts) and also we saw some leaked UI videos here and there which really confirms theat Nokia is getting serious on the UI side of the OS.

One clarification i want to tell you guys, the UI is just a layer on top of the OS. So, all you fandroids and ifans who keep on yanking that their OS is superior than Meego/Symbian, please learn that you are actually obsessed with the UI capabilities of the OS and not the OS itself. But, for Nokia everything’s gonna change with Meego, Great OS(Full linux) and great UI(Harmattan Meego). You must have seen a video from Nokia that was leaked in a survey [Apparently nokia has taken down this video, sad 😦 ] that explained the power of the meego UI , thankfully i got a screenshot from gadgetell. Here’s how the UI looks like :

Meego UI

Now coming to the OS side of things, it is a fully functional Linux OS like for ex: Ubuntu. Now, just for clarifications and for people who dont believe, the maemo itself is full linux and its open source and of course it can run the terminal(a CLI that can execute linux/Unix commands), so, as i had mentioned earlier, linux supports swap memory , and so does meego. It means that Meego can use a part of the flash memory as RAM for higher performance. The OS is actually a Gnome based one like Ubuntu. I think if i go deeper half the people will struggle to understand it. So, to simply put it in layman’s terms, the N9 features a full desktop OS onto a mobile and it can do whatever the desktop can, simple ?

Now lets get to the developer point of view on Meego. Nokia acquired Trolltech,( a company that made the Awesome UI toolkit called qt) in 2008. What is qt? It is a cross platform multi functional service layer that allows seamless portability to all the devices that have qt. You can consider it is like java but with 10x more performance. It is more like native to the environment and doesnt run on a virtual machine, understand?And for meego, qt is the standard toolkit thats prescribed by Nokia. It will be compatible with Symbian too.

Why it is very lucrative to the developers is because of the cross platform compatibility, meaning symbian ,meego ,windows,linux and mac can run the same app made by qt without having to rewrite the code for those different platforms.And writing an app seems to be very easy and very fast on qt, well atleast thats what developers say. And Nokia is now revamping its services like the ovi store and making it more lucrative for developers. i loved a quote ” its like nokia needs you more than you need nokia” it exactly echoes the current mindset of Nokia, it wants to come back on a high, and it definitely seems right on track. So all these developments are a path to the success of the Nokia N9.

So, these are my expectations about the Nokia N9, i may have left out some points , if so, correct me thru comments.

Also,please let me know in the comments section what you expect from the N9.


Comments on: "What can we expect from the N9 after this Nokia World? [Perspective]" (2)

  1. Nice article, no made up specs like some bloggers either! 😉

    As a user & fan of the N900 the N9 cannot come soon enough! I would preorder for a premium without hesiation. Will still hold on to my N900 ofcourse, just like my N810 & N800, damn good devices and really show how the device and OS has been maturing.

    The recent changes in Nokia’s management gives me hope that Nokia are serious about regaining pole position. Looks like they are actually takihng the developer side seriously too. Just hope they maintain momentum, and a little good marketing goes a long way too!

    Very good point about OS and UI. This will click with the average consumer when they start seeing how customizable and hackable it is, win for users, win for hackers. And lets not forgot that Nokia promoted hacking the N900 big time!

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