N8 delayed cos of QT 4.7 ?

I am right now facing the sad truth now, the N8, MY N8 is getting delayed for a week or so, according to the same Nokia Priority Dealer who promised me an N8 on 23rd.

Read on after the break.

What he said :

“Sir, we had a meeting today to decide what gift to package the N8 with and Nokia stressed that we provide a worthy gift such as the bluetooth music headset(BH-905? ).And so for packaging the gift with the N8, its getting delayed for mostly 6 days, you will get yours before the 30th of this month.”

I asked “So, the price remains the same?”

He said ” Yes, it is same and it is Rs.23,000

So, this is the sad story of the N8 getting delayed for launch, which is drawing too much criticism from bloggers all around already.

Come on Nokia, why are you doing this to me? I promised and challenged all my friends that i will show them on 23rd how great the N8 will be, you are losing prospective customers, you know?

And also U.S and U.K pre-order customers are getting their N8s by the END of OCTOBER.


So why is it delayed?

we see this announcement from Nokia coinciding with the announcement of qt 4.7, which is supposed to run 4X faster on ARM devices thanks to the optimizations done by the Trolltech team along with Texas Instruments. So , maybe this is the reason why the N8 is getting delayed? for installing qt 4.7? or maybe the new browser(that Nokia hinted at the Nokia World) based on qt is being installed along with 4.7? I clearly dont understand, but i keep telling myself, its better late than never,

aal izz well.


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