Well, another Windows phone 7 leak and its directly from Microsoft(you can see two windows phone 7 developer t-shirts in the back in the video)

I guess its the Samsung Cetus , already leaked by mr.blurrycam on Engadget .

Windows phone 7

The video shows the awesome UI , the Metro UI of the Windows phone 7 and as we can see its very fluid.The biggest feature of this video is the home automation done using the Windows Phone 7,the phone can be used to open the garage doors, oh how useful can it be? just park outside the garage,connect to your in-home wifi, open the garage!! no need to get down,open and then close it again.Its just innovation that will help you, and thats windows phone 7.

And coming to the hardware, i guess it features a 4 inch AMOLED screen , looks amazing, right?

Well, about the UI, i have to say, it looks gorgeous… Microsoft is gonna be full-guns blazing when they are ready to launch the devices.

Video, after the break.

Video : via WMPoweruser.

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