Via This OVI album, i came to find an interesting comparison of a mobile phone camera(N8) and a Digital camera(Canon IXUS 130).

N8 vs Canon IXUS 130

We know that the N8 has the biggest sensor ever in a mobile phone ( 1/1.83″) and it is said to rival most point and shoots, but can it really replace the point and shoot?

The corresponding specs are :

N8 – 12 MP with 1/1.83″ sensor

Canon IXUS 130 – 14 megapixel with 1/2.3″ sensor.

Obviously, here the sensor in N8 is slightly bigger than the Canon point n shoot, lets see how they fare in the pictures after the break.

Lets see the pics :

I have taken a sample of 3 pics , you can check the others out in the source link.

On the right of every photo is the N8 and the left is the canon IXUS 130.

Canon IXUS 130 | Nokia N8

Canon IXUS 130 | Nokia N8

Canon IXUS 130 | Nokia N8

As you can see, the N8 performs slightly lesser than the canon IXUS in terms of colour reproduction but i find the Canon produces warmer pictures than the realistic N8 pictures, well its just my perception.

Comments, please 🙂

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