Yes!! i have been waiting for it to come down since the spectrum distribution for other players happened.


Till now, BSNL, a government-owned telecom giant had been enjoying 3G monopoly and so, the prices were sky high.As a mobile enthusiast, i tried it and it was a good experience, but the maximum speed when it launched was 2 Mbps. and the unlimited plan costed Rs. 2499.

Now, the prices have been slashed for the Unlimited Internet connection over 3G and the maximum speed is now 7.2 Mbps, which is the best value for money considering you will get atleast minimum 2 Mbps on the move and minimum 4 Mbps at a stationary point. And you can tether your device(assuming its a 3g 7.2 mbps capable phone)to your pc or laptop and enjoy the great speed, moreover you can watch youtube without buffering, hehe 🙂

The price is now Rs.1359 per month, imho it is very cheap for its speed.

Tariff after the break

via TelecomTalk

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