Worms: Reloaded – the  latest entry in the worms series for PC from Team 17, released on 26th August 2010. It is a sequel of sorts to the popular game Worms: Armageddon, since Worms 2: Armageddon came out for PS3 and xbox360 only. Team17 has blended a nice mix of action, humour, and strategy to come out with a compelling game in Worms: Reloaded.

Worms: Reloaded is not a graphics-intensive game. It doesn’t boast of mind-blowing graphics. Rather it opts for a 2D-3D environment. The game scores in the area where most games don’t – gameplay, and fun. Although monotonocity is bound to set in after you have completed the campaigns, you always have the scope of online play, which is always fun.

Coming to the system requirements for this game, it is playable almost on all modern PCs courtesy the RAM requirement of 1GB and video card requirement of 128MB – only.

Worms: Reloaded is a turn-based strategy game. You control a set of worms on your team wielding a stock of weapons. Your main objective is to eliminate all the worms of the opponent team (who may be human or AI). There are a variety of game modes available. Single Player modes include Custom game, Training, Campaign, Warzone, and Body Count. There are 35 different campaign levels and some extra unlockable campaigns too. Training takes you through various stages with unlocks at certain stages. Warzone is the regular deathmatch mode where you battle it out with the opponent team, only that the opponent becomes tougher through the levels. Body Count is the mode where you endure new opponents while your health remains a reducing balance of the previous round. Body Count here is the new addition in the game.

Multiplayer option is also available. You have the choice of Local Match or Network game. Local match is playing against another on the same PC. Not a problem, since it is turn-based. Next is the Network game – the best ever part of this game. There is a hell lot of fun involved in playing online against your friends. There is a new inclusion of online ranked matches which kicks up some competition to get named in the leaderboard.

The controls in the game are basically easy. Keyboard – arrow keys for movement, return to jump and space to fire. Mouse for moving around screen. It is a game anyone can master, only that you have to learn via your deaths in the game.

Ok, so now we go to the review:

The Pros

  • As expected, the team customisation procedure is a nice one. The cute sound effects from Armageddon are retained along with a few new additions. Worm gravestones also have a few new inclusions. New customisation features include the helmet/hat type selection for your team, the new worm dance on victory, the “title” you wish to give for your worms (Sergeant, Captain, etc). Other new customisations are your team’s home fort selection, custom HUD, and custom particle set.
  • Weapons – a huge arsenal of around 50 weapons are available along with some new ones like – Bunker Buster, Gas Pump, Termites, Ferrets, Super Bunker, Poison Strike, Worship, Marked for Death, Steal, Sentry Gun, Buffalo of Lies, Electromagnet, Lightning Strike, Emergency Teleport, and Invisibility.
  • Gameplay – extremely addictive gameplay with interesting and increasingly tougher campaign missions. New game mode added – Body Count. This is sort of like MK4’s endurance mode. Warzone is the deathmatch mode which too gets progressively tougher.
  • Worms are always fun! They have been fun for 15 years (since the release of Worms in 1995), and still are!

The Cons

  • The Menu – You can’t move through the main menu using your keyboard arrow keys, which turns out to be a headache. Funny thing is, you can use the arrow keys in the menu only when you pause during an on-going game (relief!). However, rolling back to the previous menu screen can be done by pressing escape. Consistency should have been there.
  • Monotonocity “might” set in after a few weeks of gameplay. But this will be off-set by online gamplay. Not a con exactly.


  • Value for money
  • Endless hours of worms fun

Look out for

  • New weapons
  • New objects on landscape – Electromagnets, Sentry Guns, and Fires.
  • Shop – use the coins you win in the game to shop for customisations, landscapes, weapons, missions, forts, and gravestones.


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