Thinks there's no app store for android, how SILLY!!!

Well the caption says it all, the details are kinda blurry on this, however androidandme reports that Gameloft is not releasing their games through the android market but through their new re-designed gamestore, weird cos i think the android market works very well, however they seem to have released the Asphalt HD on the market and seem to have no issues. Meanwhile,EA has told in a press conference with a dutch news agency that it is very much interested in bringing the games onto the Android platform but they want an equivalent of an app store on Android, are they kidding? do they not know the android market? seriously, i guess there is some problem with game developers not opting to get their games on the market . But here EA is just thinking while Gameloft have already started their onslaught on the android market by releasing a multitude of game titles that have caught on like fire, while EA have released only their NFS shift which has also done very well.

But i dont think both the developers have any problem in releasing more games in the OVI Store,check out some previews here demoed on the N8.

I personally think, the symbian^3 platform is much more streamlined and have a global reach. And also in-app purchases are a dream come true for game developers , with operator billing, and seriously, i think they are gonna perform better with symbian, just saying đŸ˜‰ Porting from iphone , android to Symbian^3 has become very easy and fast thanks to QT , lets hope symbian^3 rises faster than android . To have a glimpse of all the symbian^3 deives look here.

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