Well, whaddaya know, i can write about other companies too 🙂

Ok, So, Taiwan based HTC has launched two New(!) devices on Sept. 15th which coincided with the Nokia World 2nd day, ha, the cheeky HTC sent buses to Nokia World for picking Press up to the HTC event.

Well , let’s get to the event highlights, of course they launched two new devices …

Its the HTC Desire HD and the Desire Z.

Desire HD

Desire Z

First comes the new Desire HD is actually the non 4g version of the EVO 4g which was hugely successful over at the States.

It features a 4.3 inch display, 8 Megapixel camera that can shoot 720p video and the latest iteration of Android ( 2.2 Froyo) with a heavily custom skinned HTC sense UI. What i see about the Desire is that it has lustworthy looks, it is fully brushed aluminium and it Screams High-class quality, which HTC is always famous for, at least in recent times. The Build quality is top notch,and HTC makes sure it doesn’t dissapoint in the software side too, by releasing the phones straight away with Froyo on-board, which brings an awesome browser with flash 10.1 and overall a fast operating system. The specs are not fully detailed but you know, its the EVO 4g after all, so yeah, it runs the Qualcomm snapdragon at 1 GHZ and it has 256 MB more RAM than the EVO that is 768MB of RAM, probably the extra RAM is to run the new HTC sense for Froyo.Oh, and one more thing, it does not have a kick stand like the Evo 4G. Ok then lets get on to the next device.

The new Desire Z is the T-Mobile G2 ( QWERTY android slider) for European markets.

It has a 3.7 inch display,5 megapixel camera and apparently doesn’t shoot HD videos only WVGA, it is a QWERTY android slider that you have been waiting for so long.It , similar to Desire HD runs Android 2.2 Froyo on-board but with a slightly less powerful 800 MHZ processor and 512 MB of RAM , which in my honest opinion is slightly under-powered spec for Android which mostly will LAG on this phone too. And, this phone is not so good-looking too, but the slider mechanism, OOPS shouldn’t say that, the push – something or pull – up mechanism is very snappy and works well too.Mostly this phone will not have many hearts longing for it unlike the Desire HD, which in due course will be lapped by all the fandroids out there. Just saying 😉

So, both these phones are kind of rebranded phones from the American market with HTC sense being the only difference.

Other tidbits from the event :

#HTC sense Maps have been launched, Pre-cached maps on-the-go for your android device 🙂 (like the ovi maps anit it? )

#And also HTC has launched a new sense cloud service for remote access to your phone and also remote wiping capabilities.

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