Yes, i know pretty tough to answer myself.




We have seen the pros and cons of both the devices, but i have decided on the N8 purely due to the reason that i donot use or going to use my mobile for my work, its all play 🙂

Of course i still lust over that gorgeous 4 inch CBD Amoled screen on the E7, but i will clearly miss a superior as i am a casual shutter bug who like to take macro pics, yes there’s no autofocus in E7.Also other features i miss are the FM transmitter and the non availability of Micro SD card slot in which i am planning to put my old card in the N8 if i buy it.

Of course the formfactor and the sliding mechanism revealing the full 4 row qwerty keyboard is awesome and i Love keyboards more than touch screens(well,thats me ) but seriously a camera without an auto focus is truly a no-go for me. Anyway enuf said about what i like, Feel free to vote what you like, the N8 or the E7??

Also remember that you would get the hands on the N8 sooner than the E7, just saying 😉

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