Its the E7,the celebrated one from the Nokia World 2010.

The Nokia E7

The Nokia E7,touted as the successor to the famed Communicator series, is a brand new QWERTY addition to the symbian^3 lineup.Now, we have seen all the specs and the gorgeous screen that stands out, and of course the overtly popular engadget’s shoot out with the retina display has spoken tons about the picture quality on this one.Truly, an office mobile features special apps that help a daily office goer to really use this phone amidst all that security the companies impose.You can use the VPN,Office communicator and mail for exchange to really carry along this mobile instead of the Bulky IBM you are usually attached to for office stuff.And it can edit Office Docs on-the -go too.This phone almost is same as the n8 with qwerty but without an autofocus camera(8MP) and a micro sd card slot.But it features HD video recording and other salient features of Symbian^3.But sadly,no FM transmitter too.Check out the full comparison of all the symbian^3 devices here.

Ok, now lets get to the Total Coverage.

Official Videos:

Data sheet:

Datasheet for E7

Major Hands-on videos:

Well you can now see the popularity of this device, for a record, i have chosen less.Check these out –

There you go, lots of hands-on videos really make this device the crowning glory of the Nokia World 2010.

All Press Pics:

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But eventhough the new devices are impressive, i am still hooked onto the N8 and will buy the N8 only, i want it now, please dont delay it Nokia, please!!!

If you get any tantalizing news about the E7 feel free to drop your comments at the Tip-us section :) or tweet me @bharadc23.

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  4. […] launch, the Nokia E7 is going to be finally available for pre-booking. Early adopters rejoice click for total coverage of […]

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