Really the Nokia research guys are the best!!!

Many things got a mention at the Nokia World 2010, i am just making sure these doesn’t get lost in the Device announcement posts.

Just look at this technology with just a camera:

Its called the Nokia Plug and Touch, well my Jaw’s on the ground now.

And this above video demonstrates INDOOR navigation , whoa!! breath-taking stuff if you ask me, i can literally find my friends in a very big mall or in a concert and walk to them without any effort,Really AWESOME!!!

via MynokiaBlog, this above video is an augmented reality Magazine , please just watch the awesomeness!!!

The app called Junaio is supposedly open source, so augmented reality apps are gonna flourish .

The app will be available on Ovi Store Soon.

So, after seeing these really cool videos i am out-of-words on what to express.

Gizmodo should take a note of this, can this happen in any iphone or android phone??

My sincere advice to Gizmodo :Think twice before posting Bullshit.

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