The Nokia C7 as we already know, being leaked and all has been released along with other devices at Nokia world event – Day1.

Nokia C7

Already we know some basic specs of this device and i also did a huge 4 device comparison of all the symbian^3 devices.Now that we know all the Specs and details we need to know , i am gonna bombard you with whatever content related to the Nokia C7 is available on the internet including major hands-on demos,Ads and whatever connected with C7.

Read on…

First of all , the press materials regarding the Nokia C7:

Official Video:

Data sheet:

Major Hands-on videos :




The BEST of all from TheNokiaBlog:

Swype on C7 from The Handheldblog:

All the press pics:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So this is the total coverage of Nokia C7 as of now. If you get any tantalizing news about the C7 feel free to drop your comments at the Tip-us section 🙂 or tweet me @bharadc23.

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