Nokia C6-01

The successor of the Nokia C6 without the qwerty keyboard deserves a special mention for using environmentally conscious recycled metal that’s high-class(according to engadget).The smallest Member of the Symbian^3 family features a 3.2 inch Mulit touch Amoled Screen with Nokia CBD. Enough with the specs, i ve covered enough. Lets get to the total coverage. (Click respectively for the Total coverage of C7 and E7)

The Press Materials:

The Official Video :

The Data Sheet :

Major Hands-on Videos :

MyNokiaBlog :

PhoneArena :

IntoMobile :

It seems not many people are trying out the Nokia C6-01. Crazy bloggers must be drooling over the E7. Hey,it happens 😉

All the press pics :

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So, thats it for the total coverage of the Nokia C6-01. I tried my level best to deliver you the best content,sadly there’s too less to choose from.

If you get any tantalizing news about the C6-01 feel free to drop your comments at the Tip-us section :) or tweet me @bharadc23.

Other Total Coverages – Nokia C7 , Nokia E7

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