According to the press release on 10th september,2010.

Nokia has fired the embattled visionary olli pekka kallusvo who has been in nokia for the past thirty years, and have decided to appoint Stephen elop, president of microsoft business who was instrumental in nokia-microsoft partnership. So, what does it mean?

One thing for sure, its not a surprise, we had been expecting this for a long time, eventhough OPK made decisive efforts, he just didnt cut it.Since nokia is transitioning from a hardware to a software based company, its a good move and it has been reported that the change of CEO has slightly increased the share prices, so share holders are happy.

And one more thing, this Nokia World will miss OPK as the head speaker,the presidings will be taken over by Niklas savander who created a flutter in twitter for N8 questionnaire hosting.

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